CWF: Christian Womens Fellowship

Our Purpose

To promote the work of the church by women of the church, through service of missions, benevolence work and worship through our devotional life. 

Our Mission

To grow together as we embrace, encourage, enable and equip all women to love and serve the Lord.

2015 Officers

President: Susan Lilly
V President: Hillary Wills
Secretary: Caitlin Legg
Treasurer: Pat Cree

2015 Executive Committee

Worship: Karla Lilly
Service: Donnette Pate
Membership: Lisa Nichols

A message from our President:  As 2015 president for Christian Women's Fellowship it's my desire we provide opportunities for women to support the church through activities which demonstrate our love for God and for all people.  We hope you can join us.  We meet the first Monday night of each Month at 6pm.  Join us for food, fellowship and planning of future events and activities.